Patti Shenberger - Who doesn't need a little romance in their life?
March 1, 2012
Earning her guardian angel wings is almost more difficult that Maybelline can imagine, but she's bound and determined to help prim and proper Miss Annie Grayson and sexy Sheriff Rand Banyon fall in love.  Even if it means locking them together in a room for a night at the brothel.
If she succeeds in her task, Maybelline will get her coveted wings.  If she fails, well she won't be needing any winter clothes where she's headed.  Meanwhile, Maybelline decides to do a little side business of her own at the brothel.  Might as well reap the benefits since she's well endowed with the assets.
Come along on Maybelline's wild ride and you might learn a few new tricks of the trade for yourself. 
February 1, 2012
Behind Closed Doors, a sex toy and seductive lingerie home party business offers Carly the opportunity to be her own boss.  But better yet, she gets to try out all the latest items in the privacy of her own bedroom.  Definitely a perk.  When she meets Army Captain Beau Waters, she wants nothing more than to make him her personal boy toy. 
Despite his tough guy persona, Beau is looking for love.   But is sex kitten Carly in it only for the scorching hot sex, or is she the real deal.  Soon Beau finds one night with Carly is never going to be enough and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her behind closed doors.  Even if it means handcuffing her to the bed with her own personal stash of sex toys.  
October 2011
Falling in love with a man who’s been dead for over a hundred years … is it fate or just bad timing?

Miracle Johnson knows two things for certain: First, she grew up without a father, thanks to his obsession with The River Maiden, an 1860s Mississippi Riverboat. And second, the original owner of the River Maiden, Matthew McCade, was the devil-incarnate himself, a man who took advantage of the masses, pandered to their weaknesses, and—by reputation—bedded every woman in site. Then why, when she’s accidentally transported back in time, and into the arms of this man she hates so much, does Miracle find herself unable to resist his legendary charm. Struggling to acclimate herself in a time and place totally foreign to her, she vows to rid herself of the handsome riverboat owner, only to find herself in his bed, time after time.

December 2011
When twin security guards Brock & Brandon Collier offer to make this holiday one to remember, Evie Westin will gladly take them up on it. She’s ready to push the limits, and explore her sensuality without any boundaries. And with these two hunks, anything can happen and it will.
October 2011
Late night Mistress of Love, Isabella Markum, has it all. A fantastic job, a gorgeous condo, and lots of close friends. But what she really wants is a chance at love. When bad boy biker, Max Montgomery, shows up unexpectedly back in town, Isabella is ready to throw caution to the wind in order to get him into her bed. This will mean exposing all her dirty little secrets, the biggest one being she is still a virgin. One look at Max convinces her he is worth the chance. And if the rumors are true, this hunk really knows how to satisfy a woman.
Gabrielle, the younger sister of Athena, is sick of always living in her sister's shadow. Born from a human mother, Gabrielle not only has sporadic powers, but she always seems to make a mess of things. Dismayed that she hasn't ended up in the history and storybooks like big sis, Gabrielle sets out to make herself known. She travels to different places in time, trying to set up couples and make them find their HEA. Whether they want it or not. Of course, things never go the way she plans. Off on her adventures, Gabrielle drags her lovers along. Adam, son of the goddess Nyx, and Mnemosyne's son, Carter. How bad can it get, you ask? Well, the Chicago Fire wasn't started by a cow. You have three guesses, but the first two don't count as her two companions are innocent.
Three women who aren’t looking for love find it in all the wrong places, but for all the right reasons. Come along on their journey as they let themselves fall in love again. If you open your heart and believe, love can be right around the corner. Cassie knows the best way to fight fire is with fire, and a sexy fireman is just the ticket to a hot new beginning. Polly’s old house is draining her bank account dry, but when a sexy roofer starts making offers she can’t refuse, things suddenly look a whole lot brighter. Marian isn’t sure she’s ready to start over, but when a man from her past pops into the picture, it’s hard not to take a chance on the future.
Romance author Meg Carroll has a problem. Her new home is haunted by an extremely sexy ghost who refuses to pass on. One who makes her think indecent thoughts about what being with this man would be like. Come along for the wild ride and see for yourself as Alex and Meg blur the lines between real and fantasy.
Much to her surprise, Devin Noone inherits a Scottish Castle and the title of Lady. Devin conjures up images of knights on white chargers, fair-haired damsels in distress and, fire-breathing dragons. She’s never imagined what she’d get in addition to the Castle—a seaweed covered canine and a two hundred year old specter, Lord Kyle MacLay.
Devin always believed that her cousin’s tales of Castle Loch Haven’s haunted past had been just that—tales. Yet, here the Laird was in the flesh, so to speak.
At Kyle’s request, Devin agrees to help him solve the mystery that’s kept him trapped, unable to pass on to the next life. Having heard the story of the kidnapping of MacLay’s fiancée, Lady Elsbeth Morehead, and of his own alleged suicide. As time goes by, she falls helplessly under his sensual spell, and knows she will do anything he asks.
Okay, so announcing her upcoming marriage to the Sheriff in her hometown of Harmony, Michigan on a national television talk show wasn’t the smartest thing soap opera diva Frankie Canfield had ever done in her life. How was she to know the “pretend” nuptials would cause such uproar? Then things took an even further nosedive when Frankie found out the Sheriff she thought she was pretend marrying was dead and a new lawman had taken his place. Sheriff Jake Maxwell, the only man Frankie had ever loved and lost.
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